• Monday to Friday : CVs, spanish books, lunch with Hanneke (ex classmate), FNAC...things very interesting!
  • Friday night : short but only the essential : CONCERT SKA and REGGAE!!! The only difference with France, the concert started at 12pm to finish at 6am.
  • Saturday : As you certainly understood not too much. A small bike tour in Valencia, and small restaurant. (I have a new bike...jejeje)
  • Sunday : Let´s go to...don´t know. And you?
A bit of spanish to understand the story on :( a bit of homework for those we are bored at their job)
On saturday night :
    -BEN : "Yo se que estás barracho pero tienes que leer este mesaje! Mañana, voy (espero contigo) a Castellón y a un pueblo cerca. Necesitamos dos horas para ir allí. Si quieres venir conmigo, escriba un mesaje y lo ponga en tu puerta!
    Buena Noche, tu compañero de piso. Ben"
    -JUAN : "Ben, son las cinco de la mañana. Despiertame igualmente. Una vez despierto voy a ver que hacer. Despiertarme nos vemos mañana. Juan"
That is how started our road trip.
So the next morning, I woke him at 10 : "Ben, es muy temprano, tengo que dormir un poco más". Too early! I waited one hour more, and let´s go.
The only trouble we got then, is that we needed more time than we had to go to Castellon. So we changed the planes.
The only aim of this, is to have rest, take fresh air and enjoy nature.
So we went to my car, and chose on the map a "nice place". That is how we decided to go to Chulilla.

After one hour and half driving, we finally arrived in Chulilla. We searched for a good place to eat (next to the lake but we never found it! Certainly dead). Spanish food : Jamón, queso y pan :)

Let´s go to the top, always straight ,it is very easy! What a foolish idea! Particularly to go down...well this will come later! We stopped after the first small cliff. It started to be a bit too dangerous to continue...

Small break at the top of our cliff...and blablablablablabla...enjoying the view, talking about the future....

What an inspiration...the left view...quiet, very quiet! We stayed at least one hour just enjoying the nature.

What an inspiration...the right view...as much quiet as the other side...

¡El Camino de la muerte! Just after the cliff and before the dark and dangerous forest! The nature is not always your friend. Particularly when the slope is very strong and when herbs and plants are thorn plants!

But we forgot to bring drinks. We had put our bag in a tree next to the place we ate. After fighting against nature we really needed it!

We took the car to go on the opposite mountain to see the view we could have. The small white village in the middle of the picture, next to the cliffs is Chulilla. At the end we didn´t visit the village...a pity.

But my powerfull and magnificient car wasn´t allowed to reach to top. So we walked...and reached it!

A small break enjoying the view on the top of the small cliff...(I have the strange feelings to have already lived it!)

But every day ends. We had to go back to Valencia. The mountain on the left with cliffs is where we were few hours before.

Chulilla lilallillalou....