I bought a wonderful and powerful bike. Well, now it is broken. I have to change every thing expect the wheels...

I had 23 years! My flatemates bought me a delicious cake and champagne without alcohol. Thanks!

I changed my flat. Now, I am living with Juan (on the picture), Ines and Julian. They only speak spanish...
  • Alcoi
We met Kasia on the top of a mountain after running for 1 hour and half. At the end we walked 35 kilometers before we went to the medieval festivity in a village. I don´t have any picture of that...I am so sorry, but it was really really nice.
  • Cofrentes
I went to Cofrentes, a small village 100km from Valencia. Take fresh air on Sunday is always worthy!

Cofrentes from an other view...

We climbed a small volcano we found randomly. We can see Lee and Juan on the rock (on the left)

The characters : Me, Lee, Katie, and Juan.

Small break in a small village before we returned in Valencia.
  • In the north, really close to
Because studies are boring, we decided that it was better to study in the middle of the mountain than in our flat. I took my last flatmates and went to an monastry, 20km in the north... (Rodriguez, Vikkie, and Lovisa)

After the homework, we drove1 hour in small red path to finally stop and walk a bit. But really a bit. The herbs are our enemies...

The characters walking and fighting against herbs...
  • In the south, really close to
The day after, we decided to do a small picnic. This time direction the south. But unluckily it was rainy. Yes sometimes, very rarely, it rains in Spain.

The rice plantation next to Valencia after the storm and the picnic in the car.

Nothing could be possible if my sweet, loved sweet car wasn´t there with me.
  • Pinoso, Jose´s town
Here is the house of Jose, his car, and his parents, in a really small and nice place close to Pinoso. They go there only for WE.

I rediscoverd the paella. The real paella I mean! No sea food! This one is from Pinoso : snails and rabbit, no vegetables. Delicious!

We walked in the forest to find some "Bolet". Without success...

New kind of fruit he made me discover. Can be drunk if you eat to much of these...hehehe

Small break in the prehistoric cave...

Time to enjoy the view of this nice region...

Spanish barbecue. We started the fire at 10pm. Here are only Valenciano speakers. I practiced my Valenciano...not so easy.

"Attention. Passage interdit, zone miniere" Hehehe don´t care. We went there and saw the biggest mine marble.

View at the top...