• Destination:
    • First step : Hue = 700 km by night bus. We left Hanoi on Friday night... 13 hours of bus!! Be ready!

    • Second step : Da Nang = 100km from Hue, by motorbike.

    • Third step : Hue = 100km from Da Nang, by motorbike. Hehe it is logic we used the same way to go back home
    • Fourth step : Hanoi = 700km from Hue, by night bus. We arrived monday morning at 7:30 (just on time to work. Gnieee?? Really??)
  • Characters : 8 people. From the right on the picture here under : Audrey, Cac, Philippe, Maxime, Yves, Chloe, Me, and Bernard. A great thanks to every body for the great week end.
  • Abstract
    Saturday morning, after we rent 4 motorbikes, we left Hue to go until Da Nang using the road passing through "the col of Coulds". Who could gest what we will see and live? The road used to be the mandarine's road and is bordered by the sea. Mountains, sea and sun : what else do you want?
    After 2 hours, we decided to stop. Destination : The bath of elephants. At the end we did not go to the famous place, instead of, we found a very nice water fall. We spent there 2 hours, swimming and talking with people installed there.

After having rest and eating only for 2 euros (for 8 people), we took again the road...passing through wonderful landscapes.

    Then we arrived at the beginning of the "col of Coulds". It is only 480 meters high, but using old and not powerful motorbike, it is sometimes hard! So we left the sea (here under), and started our ascension...

...until the cloulds... When we arrived on the top (well on the col), 15 degrees at least had been lost! It was there only 20 degrees...brrrr too cold. The only place where we found coulds was on the col of Coulds. Was it a coincidence??

    After 20 km of descent we finally arrived in Da Nang. We found at the end a hostel atfer one hour in Da Nang. We met there the girl friend of Maxime, Anh and her friend Candy. We took the direction of the center of Da Nang...

    We ate specialty meal of Hue : rice noddles with grilled pork and peanuts! Wonderful! We finished our night on the beach (picutre here under), swimming in a 25 degrees water, drinking some vodka and talking about scary stories (the white dressed woman legend)...what a pleasure...

    After we took a very special breakfast (but very very nice), we met a 20 meters bouddha on our way to ...

 ... a beach where Philippe already went. Alone, 35 degrees, hot water, palm trees...it is good to be in holidays!!

    But every has a end. We left our fantastic beach at 12, and took the way to go back to Hue...

    After a really good restaurant in Hue, we finally took the bus to go back to Hanoi, and arrived 1 hour and half late (7:30 instead of 6am). Just enough time to take a shower, and let's go work!! I am now just waiting the end of this week to leave once again Hanoi and visit this amazing country.
  • Bad point : There is only one bad point, but I am the only one who have one! I burnt my two legs because of Exhaust pot...no comment

  • Pictures