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vendredi, février 29 2008

Transaction of 24 million !!

Previously in Ben's life, Ben didn't work because of a lack of electricity (what a pity) and went to the market instead... The production wants to apologize... she has some troubles, and won't anymore post every day...Szkoda!! But she will try to make with Ben's life an impassioning story...well it won't be easy...hehehehe

And now Ben's life chapter 08 season 01...

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mercredi, février 27 2008

Video of this WE

Previously in Ben's life, Ben was in WE (Yeah really!! Just remember the chapter 07...come on! The double chapter!!)
    Because I did not have the authorization of Audrey to put the video, I had to wait...but now it is official!!!
Let's back to the chapter 07 season 1 : WE around Hanoi!

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Market and house...

Previously in Ben's life, Ben spent a really good WE, went in the middle of rice plantation, on the top of one hill, and saw Audrey falling...mouaahhhhh
And now Ben's life chapter 08 season 1

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